I just read about some live dj software for mixing MP3s like they are turntables and it's free and for linux.  I read about it in linux format.  I don't think it will suit your exact needs, but next time I pick up the mag, I'll shoot off the name of it (if you haven't found it already).


On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 1:50 PM, N. Abston <1337flea@gmail.com> wrote:
i've been a 100% linux user since 1997, but there are always some stupid
software requirement that makes have (past) to keep a win desktop

I have a N.I. Omni Control deck which has a nice ASIO sound card built
in... i know this is completely the wrong forum, and i do apologize, but
at the same time, this is the best forum, because you are all
*nix-musicians (for the most part, ok)

What to do?

in windows i used Traktor, in linux i have no idea what is the method.

I really want to stay linux as desktop (no vm crap), use LMMS in
conjunction with my turntables.   </plea-for-help>

lmms music by me.

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