Yes, the transport controls are the play/stop/record/etc. buttons.

Maybe it would be a nice idea to the lmms-developers to add this function to a next release.

I plan to get a Korg Nanokontrol that has transport-controls , too and it would be nice to use (at least some of) them.

Greez, Sascha

2010/8/10 Nikos Chantziaras <>
By "transport" you mean the stop/play/record/etc buttons?  Those are on
the Oxygen too.

On 08/10/2010 04:17 PM, wrote:
> I have axiom 49 and all controls work (however, must be assigned)
> *only the transport controls on my axiom can't be assigned - but I don't
> think the oxygen has these.
> On Aug 10, 2010 6:43 AM, Nikos Chantziaras <> wrote:
> I'm getting an M-Audio MIDI keyboard (the Oxygen 49). It does not
> require any drivers to work and the note keys work just fine in Linux.
> However, I'm worried about the other controls on it:
> Can they be assigned to anything in LMMS under Linux or will they be
> dead? I also have Windows 7 installed, but I'd like to use Linux as
> often as possible.

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