it could be implemented in the unison core if paul is up for implmenting something of the sort.

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 2:16 PM, musikBear <> wrote:

Paul Giblock-2 wrote:
> I do not see the point or have the time to bother with another
> communication channel.
Many of the questions on the forum does not 'fit' the level of these pages.

Paul Giblock-2 wrote:
> Anyways, you are asking to support a form of fall-back when a plugin isn't
> available.  You are best off looking at mmp.cpp to begin with.  The rest
> of
> the serialization code is spread across LMMS's model classes in
> saveSettings/loadSettings functions.
So no simple general compres-method has been used - Thanks Poul, i gues it
will be to complicated backtracking the projectfile structure, both for the
unlucky guy, and for me and my smal utility. I will sugest a
'strip-instrument' as a new feature, in the proper channels.

Hope this helped
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