My name is Raffaele and i'm studying control engieering at the TorVergata UNiversity of Rome.
I like music so much that i would like to buy a sequencer, but it's so expensive :s
So i would like to make an external sequencer wich one could turn regulator and press button, like a real sequencer.
Then signals are sent to lmms via usb (or something other port) and they change current sound parameter
(current sound that is also selectable by sequencer self). So one could use lmms' beatbox like if he has ten hands and mice...
Electronic cost could be lower then 100EUR (instead of 700EUR for Korg electribe), but to create circuits first i should study how lmms is

So: is there any guide that explain lmms concepts libraries and sources?
Obiously if i could create both electronics and programming then i will share with all community my progresses and also ideas, and discuss on them.

Let me know,