Hi everybody!

Im Jose Sousa, from Brazil, and discovered Lmms a few days, when I was finding a software to produce my music. I liked it too much. I work at the audio production area (Jingles, radio spots, etc), and at work I use Pro Tools, Cubase and Sony Vegas, that as very cool, but for my music Id like a open/free tool. At work Im only audio technician.

Im 25 years old, living in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I play drums and keyboards since 1996. The music that I like its a kind of Eletro rock, with a little of trance. And I have a wish to do something good for the people with my music. Just it, no commercial intends.

The thing that I was thinking about this morning is the Live tool. I think that is very important because a lot of people play their music for live, and like me, play the whole sequence in a linear way isnt very intuitive when you are in a live situation.

So Im writing to suggest the way the live mode could work.

I think it can be simple but very useful.

At the playlist, in live mode, Lmms could allow a certain number of regions that work like patterns. Simple regions, divided by markers. With this concept you preserve your song like it was made, but play loops of regions of the song. So when in live mode, the software play the region in loops and all you have to to do its select in realtime what region Lmms must play! What do you think?

When a region is selected (by a previously assigned key or midi CC) the software play that in loop, when another is selected the software waits for the current region that's playing to start the another.
So the tracks can be muted or "soloed" by another assignable keys. I think that is a simple but intuitive way to play live.

I dont know any development language, but I can help drawing layouts.

I sorry for my bad English! Theresa long time I dont communicate with this language. So, if something that I wrote was misunderstood, please, ask me.

Jos Sousa
Porto Alegre/RS