2007/12/8, Dr KOD <rilooz@gmail.com>:
Hi everybody,

I just discover Lmms one week ago, and i really like it. I used Fruity since the begining. (maybe ten years now )
So i want to help this project as much i can.
First, i wanted to know if is there any  french in the comunity ( cos i'm french of course..) , cos' it will be cool if any french want to make a french group of the comunity ( to make some translations, maybe a support forum, etc.... )

Big up for your job !


Yes I am french.

There is already a wiki documentation for LMMS, but in English. I don't know how it is possible, but perhaps we could create a french mirror of the wiki translating the pages that exists. I think this is possible to add a link to change the language of the wiki, like wikipedia. This way we could add translations from different country.
At this time, I don't have too much time to translate, and participate to this documentation, but in January, or February, it will be ok.


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