Haha, awesome, such enthusiasm!
I've been thinking about making a quick pdf, or video, tutorial as well. So if you wanted to collaborate on that that would be cool. I think that would be a good place to start anyway. That way there's lots of time to identify another project.


Nikorasu Chan <nicholaschan42@gmail.com> wrote:
This is what I have posted on the LMMS forum, but I guess it's much better to send it through here... (I think)

Hi , I am an art student from Malaysia. I have been using LMMS for quite awhile now, and I fell in love with it. I have experimented with other commercial DAWs like FL Studio, but none of them matches the ease of use and the work flow of LMMS!

It makes me wonder though, I really want to help LMMS in their development and the huge community around it... But, how? :? 

Well, I am a traditional pencil sketch artist, but recently I have interest in digital graphics, especially when I made my full switch over to GNU/Linux Ubuntu. But I don't just do arts and musics, I also have some basic knowledge of programming in C++ and Java (I am learning LWJGL and Slick2D). I also take ICT and Business as my extra subject, and my best scored subject is in Business. Well, enough of that introduction.

I wanted to help LMMS's development in:
- GUI designs,
- bug tracking and
- making LMMS easier for everyone to use.

I also wanted to help LMMS's community by:
- Providing them free full support the best I could,
- help people with their problems in LMMS,
- make a free tutorial PDF for everyone! and
- make some free domain samples! :)

I have read around the web regarding join LMMS's development. I will learn C++, Qt and some other requirements so that one day I can start helping LMMS developers to make LMMS a better program.

Now with all that spirit, where should I start? :D The world is too big for me so I need an advice.

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