Thanks, yes I have also noticed crashes on several plugins which could be handling presets and programs in some special or in own way.

I'll try to test also VSTs, which are already tested and listed here

Best regards,

> ------------ Původní zpráva ------------
> Od: Tobias Doerffel <>
> Předmět: Re: [LMMS-devel] [Lmms-users] LMMS patch for loading VST presets > (fxp, fxb)
> Datum: 25.10.2011 00:05:10
> ---------------------------------------------
> Hi,

2011/10/24 <>:
> Thanks for the test, > I have issue on WinXP 32bit to get it compiled,
> to se wether it works on > windows as well. As that sndfile - cmake
> module not found error below, I > think there is some additional
> configuration to cmake needed. Any > ideas?

I suggest cross-compiling on Linux (as I'm doing). Install > the cross
compiler and all libraries from
/> and run the
/>"build_mingw32" shipped with LMMS' sources.

The resulting > installer of current git head is available at


/>Looks like your VST enhancements seem to work on Win32 as well.
However > I still have crashes with various plugins on both platforms.
However I'm > sure we will find the bugs and fix them soon, so we can
release 0.4.13 > somewhen in November or December.

Best regards


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