Thanks Paul, new version (1.3) is out here:

It has been tested and coded for the Linux only, because I can't test on anything else right now.


+ Added support for loading also parametric presets or banks.
  ( for plugins which do not support chunks - e.g. MDA Piano, Crystal, ..)

+ Presets can now be stored as external *.fxp / *.fxb files.

+ You can use Automation Editor or LFO Controllers to fully control VST plugins. Connections are saved within LMMS project.

+ Both Effects and Instruments should now support all that above.

+ Several GUI enhancements & bug fixes for loading presets.

- GUI problems whenever VST plugin lacks names for knobs or some better names - e.g. VST Crystal plugin

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> From: Paul Giblock <>
> Subject: Re: [Lmms-users] LMMS patch for loading VST presets (fxp, > fxb)
> Date: 01.6.2011 15:01:17
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> Thank you for working on this. I'll try this out after work today.