I didn't even realize Ctrl-Drag existed.

I will definately use this, I guess I am just used to the days of tracking and early fruityloops.


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Hi there!

I've finally got around to finding out what the Live Tool does.  It's actually
fairly handy, not just for live performances but also for working on the mix
of a project, muting and soloing various instruments to check for clashes.
However, at the moment it only controls the mute status on instruments in the
Beat + Bassline Editor.  Would it be possible to have a switch or control in
the live tool window that could change it to affecting the Song Editor?

This to me brings up a more philosophical issue with composing in LMMS.  Most
of the demos that come with LMMS, and many of the compositions on the sharing
platform, use beat / bassline patterns as the primary unit of composition.
Even melodies seem to be composed as a piano roll segment inside a bassline
pattern and then pasted in that way.  On the other hand, I tend to use piano
roll segments natively in the Song Editor, and use the Beat + Bassline Editor
purely for things that recur over one bar - usually drums.  If I need another
copy of my repetitive melody, I just copy it into a new segment (e.g. ctrl-drag).

I feel this gives me a freedom to vary things slightly each time, and to
restrict the number of bassline tracks in use to a number that I can actually
see in the Song Editor.  But everyone else doesn't seem to do it this way.  I
realise that the old trackers from the Amiga and then the PC worked in the
'pattern' way - are there any other reasons for doing it this way?

Have fun,


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