Hey everyone.

A few months ago we realized that someone already registered #lmms on irc.freenode.net.  We don't know who it was, but he/she thought they were doing us a favor as the description for the channel is actually "Linux Multimedia Studio".  Anyways, I spoke to some freenode admins and we are on a nice long waiting list.  Once they get to us, we should have reign of the channel.

In the meantime:  I created the channel ##lmms (notice the two #)  Join me on freenode to talk about LMMS, bugs, features. This should be a good place to communicate quickly amongst other developers without having to wait for slow email.  Of course, major issues that need to resolved should still be sent to the mailing list, but these topics can begin in the channel, of course.  By the way, you will see me as 'pgib', the same name I use on sf.net.