Hi, I've recently discovered lmms and got back to composing music after I dropped it a few years ago when I used to make music for PC demos with trackers and such. This is what I was looking for, being a linux freak - simple, one-stop tool for everything - tracker, synthesizer, mixer, effecter, etc.. All other music software for this platform looks a bit confusing to me - lots of technical stuff to do with daemons, connectors, etc. I've played a little with 3.0.2 version and recently with 0.4-alpha2 which is what I mainly use now.
Pros of alpha:
-> great improvement compared to 3.0.2 in terms of user interface (speed) and
-> ratio of segfaults has dropped substantially ;-)
-> please, find a piece of my work (total beta now) here: http://vix.netsync.pl/~siwos/disco_bitch_beta1.ogg

Being a beta release - the soft has still plenty of bugs to fix:
-> playing sounds from 3.0.2 version is a bit buggy - echo effects seem to be set up automatically to have gain level of 1, which make them echoing endlessly
-> automations (cutoff, resonance) seem to be lost upon saving the project - they are not there when you reopen it
-> automations of the instruments in bassline editor are also lost or even not played

That's what I have right now - hope the Developers find it useful. Once again - thank you for bringing music to linux ;-) Keep up with the good work!