On 07/29/2014 11:39 PM, Tres Finocchiaro wrote:
Well, we can talk about hypotheticals and such, plan what we'd do if we won the lottery... or we can try to figure out a way to keep LMMS alive.

But kickstarter is the lottery, right?  Ouya's goal was 1mil and they reached 9mil.  How much would we we need?  What do we do if it surpasses our goals?

Well, those are things to find out. Let's say we need a developer to do about 2 months worth of programming work on LMMS... that'd probably be about the minimum time needed to get familiar with the codebase and do the core overhaul. From a quick guesstimate, that'd probably cost in the ballpark of 5000€. Plus whatever it is kickstarter (or Indiegogo, possibly) cuts from it.

To introduce a kickstarter campaign requires quite a lot of time investment just to decide it's worth it not to mention the promo vids, PR, swag, etc.

Since this would be a purely software improvement, I don't think we'd really need "swag" or prizes or such. I'm not even really sure what kind of prizes we could offer as an open source project... the benefits would be entirely collective. This has been done by other open source projects before, the only question is, whether we have a loyal enough (and big enough) userbase to pull it off.

As for promo vids, I'm sure some of our active community members could supply those. Advertising could be done via the usual channels.

Perhaps I got focused too much on the word "kickstarter" and not enough on the term "developer" (singular not plural). If our initiatives only churn up only one person then you would likely be the best to get them acquainted and prioritized due to your involvement with the codebase, but I really hope there's room for trivial user improvements too.  Sometimes the devil is in the details.

Well, it depends. We could maybe have some secondary improvements as stretch goals. Although I'm a bit hesitant about that, because there's the risk we'd push it too far and promise things we can't deliver, and the whole thing would fall apart when we're scrambling trying to hold to all our promises... But, maybe if the stretch goals are sensible and we leave some margin for "unexpected delay", it could work. Anyway, that's probably something that we can figure out if this crowdfunding idea ever takes off.