After having tried all I could for my Italian Localization, it seems that a lot of texts that have translation aren't translated in the program.

Help>About LMMS:
- "Involved" isn't translated without reason
- "Current language not translated (or native English). [etc]" isn't translated either

Instrument Plugins descriptions
- AFP isn't translated
- Kicker isn't translated
- Opulenz isn't translated

and others.
If you give a look at it.ts, the line have translation. But these aren't used.

I don't know why this happens, but I may have a little clue.

When I first created the update, the "it.qm" changed, and my commit had two files changed.
When I try to fix only those lines, the "it.qm" doesn't change!

May it mean that "it.qm" doesn't have those lines?

You can see it yourself in my last pull request: https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/pull/937
I did overwrite both files, but only "it.ts" have changes!
(oh, and please don't merge that)

So the problem may be that the two files aren't in sync.

I hope this is a little problem so we can have a completed Italian Localization in 1.1

Thanks in advance,