For example, Line 39 is not used. It should substitute lines 35-37.

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Can you link us one of the items you are referring to by line number?


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I've downloaded the 1.0.3 version to check my Italian localization update. And there seems to be a little mistake I should quickly take care about.
Using Qtlinguist, it seems that not all the texts "confirmed" will be actually used: if there is something which the program sees as a mistake, it won't use that.
These mistakes are the following:
- Translation does not end with the same punctuation as the source text.
- Accelerator possibly missing in translation.
(this last one happens when there is a difference in the number of "&" symbols in the line, but in English they are used instead of "and", and in Italian I can't use "&")

I don't know how to avoid that. Do I have to end with the same punctuation as the source? How do I get rid of the "&" thing?

This is a matter of 5-6 texts, but one of them is the Translators credit in the AboutDialog.

Thanks in advance,