Hi guys hope all is well, its great to see so much development being done
in LMMS lately ;)

i have a few ideas that i would really like to see implimented, if anyone
would like to have a go at taking them on....

(1)  Adding a glide / portamento ability to the triple oscillator
     ( could maybe be taken from the function in LB-303 ? ).

(2) Ability to randomize all knobs of the main tab in the triple oscillator
    ( could be taken from the organic instrument ).

I think multiple premade settings that you could choose from might be better than randomizing (so you could always find that sweet sound again) so maybe a more robust preset option could be implemented, possibly taking a bunch of submissions from community?

(3) Timestretch/ shrink of sample in the sample track, Ardour can do this
     so i was thinking of a hotkey combo when dragging the end of the sample
    in the sample track ( also hydrogen drum machine can do this on a sample
    using a knob, both depend on rubberband ).

Or how about including a lmms sequence in Ardour, so you could run an instance of lmms in Ardour, and use all of Ardour's capabilities for the samples (FLstudio had this implementation in Nuendo a highend DAW)... That is probably way too much to add to a simple wishlist... But I could make a mockup if anyone is interested in seeing what I mean (it seems hard to explain)

(4) Splicing of samples in the sample track ( we also need to look at samples being
     played from wherever the timeline is situated over said sample, also samples
     should not play outright if they have been dragged back for a segment etc ).
I agree.  I dislike very much having to listen to the whole song just to fix a small bit of my drumming mistakes... it makes it virtually impossible to seriously mix a live recorded instrument and a digital lmms instrument.  This is probably my favourite suggestion of all!

(5) Sample tracks should be able to be sent to any fx_mixer channel not just master fx
     channel as it is now.

(6) midi transport control for vst fx , I personally need this to get dbue_glitch not to be
     free rolling, i know the function is in the original aeffectx.h, something like this iirc >>
( VstInt32  filter  )         
so maybe this could be worked on ?

This I think is a MUST.  Fix as many outstanding bugs (boring, but necessary)

(7) A fix to the bug which crashes LMMS for me everytime i try to move a knob, manually
     or by any kind of automation ( within seconds it happens ) in the LMMS host vst knob
     control feature.

I think Emilio and Chrissy have a good point a startup sound might be a good implementation

(8) And finally a startup sound ;)

A lengthy list i know lol.....

well hope to hear back soon from you devs ;)

thanks Mikobuntu ;)

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