1. I'm a songwriter from Pop/Rock Genre, and the default samples and plugin doesn't seems so friendly to me. But I can solve this with SoundFont files. So, is it possible to inculde several SF files to the distribution? Or at least, if it's too big for the file size, include it as additional package bundle. Here's some SF2 files that I personally recoment for Pop/Rock genre:

Pop Pock Bank:

Naturally Decaying B-Guitar

Steve's Les Paul Guitar

Drumkit-Dry (I cant fine the link, but I think there are other drum kit as good as this one

2. Perhaps it would be nice if there's a default drum plugin

3. It would be nice if the piano rolls can tell the drum note (like which is the cymbals, tombs, etc)

4. It would be nice also if the piano roll can tells visually if a note is pressed.

That's all from me. Thanks

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