On 11/02/2012 17:08, Tres Finocchiaro wrote:

Just a heads-up, the YouTube video you posted is actually using Darwine, not native.

I've quoted the YouTube author's description that verifies this:

"Then I got the idea to use the Mac version of Wine emulator, WineBottler, to try and run LMMS. It worked almost perfectly. " -jackspic3 via YouTube


Thanks for your response and for offering to look into this.  I am trying to obtain an intel Macintosh this week so I can help test.

If anyone on this list has an old one they'd like to offer up, let me know via separate email.


- Tres.Finocchiaro@gmail.com
Tres you will have an issue on older hardware that isnt intel mac based. they would have to build for ppc hardware only as 10.7 is intel only and im not sure if 10.6 is as well.