Thanks for the response.

Okay, so adding the instrument to the song editor will get me the desired result.  Perhaps that is what I had done in the past but forgot.

Just to be clear, I did not clone anything.  All I did was ADD two instances of the same instrument, one at a time, no cloning instruments, no cloning beat/bassline.

I don't really get what it is used for?  You can only set up one sound pattern (any collection of instruments) in there, and reuse that one single sound pattern?  Other instances of the beat/bassline yield the same sound pattern, but allow for different note patterns.  That does not seem particularly useful to me, but may be adequate for traditional simplistic songs.

I'd like to have several different "Instrument plugins" act as a single instrument, without adding redundant copies of the same note patterns to multiple Instrument plugins everywhere in the song editor.  The beat/bassline name doesn't at all indicate the function to me, the name ought to reflect the function accurately, like a "Shared-instrument editor", I'd want an "Independent-instrument editor", an inverse logic, if you see what I mean.  That would allow me to create a complex pseudo-instrument composed of independent Instrument plugins, all playing the same notes.  And then create a totally different complex instrument, with different instances of the same Instrument plugins, playing different notes.

Maybe the desired result could also be achieved (somewhat tediously) with the "Global song automation", but that doesn't always work well for me.  I don't want to edit controls globally, with a fixed-reference to the song, just a relative-reference to the "complex" Instrument and pattern of notes.

As it stands, I just have to pick between those two options:

1) Manually copying and updating the same set of notes to several Instrument plugins in the Song editor, or

2) Using the beat/bassline editor and global automation to turn on and off several instances of the same instrument, on a song-global level, even though the pattern I wish to achieve is relative, forcing me to play either one complex instrument or the other, but never both.

I think I understand it better than when I started.

May not be a bug, but an arbitrarily chosen limitation, combined with a poorly named user-interface element, which leads to a very non-intuitive user experience.

Anyways, I am grateful for the application, and have had hours of fun using it, and it has let me create some intriguing sounds that I really could not even begin to approach with anything else, and the user interface in general is about the most intuitive of all the sound composition tools I have ever looked at.  I look forward to new development efforts.

On 6/17/2011 10:40 PM, G F wrote:
Check the Cool song parts and lmms sharing platform.
To leanr how to use Lmms , cause you get it wrrong!
When you clone a beat/bass line the instruments will clone and all bass lines will have same instruments cause represents a beat box > search the net for AKAI MPC 6000 etc
If you want individual instruments then you must add the instrument in the SONG EDITOR where all instrument must  bee.
The beat/bass editor it is BEAT and BASS editor , the way it is named says what it is used for.
I use beat and bass editor in other way in my songs in > covers songs there but you get the ideea.
If individual instruments in song editor does not retaing the settings you modify then it is a bug, but if that bug exist then all my songs will not play.  So i don`t think there it is some kinda of bug.

From: Leif W <>
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2011 4:41 PM
Subject: [Lmms-users] Multiple instances of instruments in beat/bassline are not unique.

Hi, not sure if this is a usage question of a known limitation, or some
unexpected behavior.

What I'd like to do is have two different beat/basslines, each using one
separate instance of the same Instrument plugin (e.g Triple Oscillator),
each instance having it's own unique settings.  The problem is, although
each Instrument plugin can retain its own unique settings, ALL of the
instances appear on EVERY beat/bassline.  The result effectively makes
LMMS have one and only one beat/bassline.  This seems to be unexpected
behavior.  I thought I used to be able to do this in 0.4.9, but I can
not remember.  I noticed this problem just now in both 0.4.10 and
0.4.11.  All referenced builds are Win x64.

Any pointers to documentation or advice to achieve the desired result
would be appreciated.  I was hoping to avoid creating dozens of single
beats, export as sound files, then add to a project as Sample Tracks. 
That would seem a bit redundant.

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