Hey Toby, and everyone.

Seeing some ideas on how to stress and stability test LMMS, why not have a wiki page or page on the site with these things that one can test, and then adapt the tests for future releases?

On 1/8/11 12:31 AM, Tobias Doerffel wrote:

Am Freitag, 7. Januar 2011, um 11:26:58 schrieb musikBear:
In general, perhaps a litle less stabile than 0.4.9. I have crashed the
.10ver by playing very fast notes on the virtual keyboard (mouse-dragging).
This was a significant problem < 0.4.7, but 0.4.7 fixed this. 0.4.10 CAN
crash this way.
That's interesting! I'll try on my own and hopefully find the issue :-)

I forced a crash with 3oc, sf2 and zynAddSubFX.
zynAddSubFX -hangnote glitch elminated. I also did manage to crash lmms
testing this isue. I connected all dials on the function-tab as well as the
base-note to LFO-controllers, and had all run on various speed. That
crashed lmms.
Good stress test to find race conditions etc. :-D

This is however of no concern in respect to normal use, and
could be caused by limitations on my system.
No, regular usage of LMMS really shouldn't crash it. The worst case should be 
extremely bad performance.

Adding the vst to a project the -first- time takes about 2 minuts. If lmms
then is shut down, and then reopend, loading the DSK 'Ethereal PadZ 2' only
takes a few seconds!
Maybe a VST-related process is still running then?

A behavior that perhaps also has baring for lmms it self, because
launching lmms after a computer re-boot takes longer time, than launching
lmms subsequently (after a normal shutdown of lmms, that is..) 'Something'
seams to stay in ram.
Yeah, that's what one would expect from a sane operating system with disk 
caches ;-)

As a point of interest: 0.4.7 had -mutch- faster loading of VSTige. The big
'Ethereal PadZ 2' loaded in a few seconds in first atempt.
*sigh* why can't there be fixes without regressions..

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