Thanks for your explanation.  For some reason your reply didn't hit the mailing list.  Here's my response to it below.


It is only for some monetarry support if i remember clearly. You can unceck it at the install if you don`t really want to install it.  Or you can download 7zip and unpack the installer and do this steps :
1  extract the lmms installer lmms-0.4.12-win32.exe by right click extract *where you want to extract
2 copy from $_OUTDIR\ (data and plugins )  all the directory in the main directory with lmms.exe
3 delete the remaining directorys that remain after cut paste the data and plugins in so the directory of lmms looks like
*.dll (alll .dll files)
Then you run lmms and will configure then you can use it even from a memory stick and will never install this way.

Does it offer Significant monetary support to the project?  Toolbars in windows are a grey area for spyware.  I would happily donate to the project (more) if it removes this toolbar from the installer for the thousands of windows users out there blindly trusting the installer.

Toolbars track the websites you visit for marketing purposes and often advertise services that 99% of users aren't interested in. They are a plague to the windows users and often cause more harm than good.

If its up for debate, I would like to know if removing this toolbar from the installer is an option.