My proposal for a new name is:

OMM (open music maker)
(formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio)

Since I discovered this software seemed to me carefully developed, but quite deprived in terms of 'image' (name, logo, graphic design interface) may at first seem unimportant aspects when making music, but they are indispensable when to position a brand.

LMMS is long, not phonetic, not responding to the current characteristics of the software (not multimedia, not just linux)

I like "Siren"
I also like "Luminous Music Making Studio" (though too long and the acronym is little phonetic)

I do not think the name change is detrimental to the popularity of the software, even so, if we add to an interesting change of image, can be very beneficial!

I think it's necessary to raise this discussion to a primary position, proposals and vote to choose a new name, then to deal with the design.

So, candidates so far:

1. LMMS "Luminous Music Making Studio"
2. Siren
3. OMM "Open Music Maker"

Please reply to propose a new candidate or vote for any of these!