Louigi feedback February 2010

Tech feedback (functionality and functionality bugs)

1. When you add a triple oscillator, the BB editor shows no steps and no way to enter piano roll. Workaround - to save and reload project. Another way - add a new BB pattern - in that new pattern the steps will be displayed, but not in any others.
2. When you copy piano roll track from one pattern of BB editor to another (without entering the piano roll), the steps of the track to which you copy disappear. If you save and reload project, you will see that no copying has occurred. Workaround - to enter piano roll, do Ctrl-A Ctrl-C, then go to the piano roll of the other pattern and do Ctrl-V.
(note: copying piano roll within a patter from one track to another works fine)
3. When changing the volume of an instrument from a small value to a large value quickly (to create a gate effect) you hear clicks. That was tried with two methods - automation editor and controller - but both had the same result: fast changes of parameters result in clicks.
4. Automation editor does not read volume changes at the 1/64 level (when experimenting with the gate effect). Possibly the problem is not in the automation editor but in the inability of LMMS to change volumes so quickly - since slower changes result in clicks, faster changes might simply be ignored.
5. Changes in automation editor do not mark the file dirty.
6. Sometimes the mixer will not move. Trying to move it will result in plugin lists just becoming empty so you have to click tabs A-B-C-D on it to refresh it or either toggle it with F9. It will show the contents but until you reload project mixer will not move.
7. Sometimes when exporting the project, once it exported, there will be non-ending clicks, very loud, as if an echo plugin was triggered. The resulting wave file might have clicks in the beginning or end as well, but not always.
8. Db numbers are required near(above) the mixer graph or slider so that one could see how much db the sound is - important when doing compression.
9. Sometimes the project will open with all windows blank. A pretty known bug, I guess, I've seen it through many versions. Workaround here is to just retoggle the windows with their shortcuts (F5,F6,F9).
10. Controller knobs cannot be linked to another controller. When I am trying to do that it says that a loop is detected. I understand that this is a workaround so that something does not go crazy, however, in FL Studio I've linked controllers to each other (which can be extremely useful) and it was fine. Also, I do not see what loop can be created. If I link an amount knob to another controller - what can go wrong? I might be missing something here, but linking at least some parameters of controllers themselves should be possible.

Usability feedback

1. The BB editor badly needs grouping tracks or auto shrinking once it encounters boundaries, like in FL Studio. It gets long very fast and it is very difficult to scroll through it. Sometimes it will be out of bounds, but the main LMMS workplace for some reason will not create a scroll bar and you have to press F6 again and then scroll. The point is that it is more okay to loose the bottom parts of BB editor, but the top one has got to always stay in view.
2. Sometimes the theme of LMMS would suddenly change to standard gray. Usually, a reaction to other applications being opened, like browsers. Couple of times it happened while I was working with RemoteZyn, once when I was browsing Internet with Firefox in parallel.
3. Giving color to individual blocks in the song editor makes sense, especially given that you can create unqiue blocks in one row, but it would also be nice to be able to give color to the whole row at once. Right now if you decide to color the blocks later, you have to do it one by one or replace them.
4. When painting the song editor blocks, if you add custom color in color dialog it will add the color to the selected block. By default the first one is selected and you end up erasing it all the time. Suggested fix would be to add to the next empty slot automatically.
5. When exporting the song there is no "end" token to put so almost all exports of a song cut off the ending sounds, especially if you have long volume envelope tails and delay effects. The workaround is to put an empty pattern in the end, but would be nice to be able to define the ending point of the export yourself.

Hope this helps!

Louigi Verona.