This is Paul Giblock. I tried posting to the mailing list on several occasions and for some reason none of my messages ever went through.  Therefore, I am now using my school email address.

I can sum up all my previous messages with this:

The TB303 Plugin is almost complete.  It features an authentic TB303 sound.  I just want to add accent and slide features to it before releasing.  Then I will probably add distortion.

Second, I plan to work on a Juno-106 plugin.  It is based around older UltraMasters source which features a modular component design (An oscillator, a low pass filter, a HPF, an envelope, Chrous, Delay, Mixer, etc..).  Therefore, I can make a general purpose generator instead of one stuck to the Juno-106 configuration.  So, here are a few questions for those concerned:

- Do you think that being able to engineer an instrument is useful, or
should it just feature a Juno-like standard layout
- If It should be configurable, should there be a separate tool that
exports instrument files? This will make the plugin lighter.  Each
instrument layout can load its own presets..
- Should the instrument designer be built into the plugin?
- Finally, should each component (oscillator, envelope, etc.) be its
own dynamic library to allow developers to quickly design new
instruments? This can, of course, be combined with the above

I am asking because I hate being in a black box.