" You can't have that much windows open so we need intelligent ideas how to quickly switch between views so that one still can work smoothly."

So why not allow users to switch between say, effects, song editor, beat editor, etc with either number keys, or F keys on top of keyboard? That sounds effective and quick to me. Sorta like like layers. This would allow more room for each plugin / sequencer since we are only dealing with one at a time.

I feel a program should take two hands to use...... like blender you know....... tons of shortcuts. Advanced users can move quickly and allow the creativity to manifest in less time by committing these shortcuts to memory. I hope the new lmms will allow us to interact like this.

As far as Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad testing.... i may be able to help you with that Toby. I have some nice resources right now.

Thanks again for your excellent work lmms developers. I'm really looking forward to being able to write classical and waltz pieces in lmms.

jonny b.

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