Hey guys,

I appreciate all the hard work you put into this program. I tried it out before, when I just started using Ubuntu, but back then I could not make it work yet, now I installed it again after I learned to setup jack, I still didn't setup the sound right - I have a learning curve before me and I am not very computer savvy... what to say, I am an analogue person. This is some constructive feedback as to what program needs to become much better as I would like to see this project go viral (simply, I believe in open source software)...

Now some constructive feedback:
- Main thing to me as a user is that VST plugins and soundfonts are not quick enough to load and that the section isn't customizable enough. This slows down the work and many people don't realize the potential of the program. Fruity Loops is so popular because it is easy to use. But you can top that! I believe in you. People are used to their VSTs that they use in Fruity or other DAWs, and to make the switch real easy and comfortable, these should be more prominently featured and the users should be able to save project patterns and be able to change the main section where instruments and other things are featured, also more shortcuts to make the work real quick. What I suggest is to have VST plugins (the list of dll files on the sidebar found in the VST default folder, per example, to avoid digging through folders) and that one can send them into a channel (or open a new one) with a mouse click (middle click) or something, that they automatically open in VeSTige with this click or that I can send them into a channel I want, not that I have to open a new VeSTige channel first every time and then dig to reach the desired plugin. Same thing with soundfonts. I have to open a new SF player channel and then look for the soundfont, or worse, load VeSTige, then look for my preferred soundfont player, and then look for the soundfont. Put the soundfonts default folder aside as the list of .sf2 files (again to avoid folder digging), that I can send a soundfont into a channel or new channel with a click or two and that it automatically opens in SFplayer or the SF player that I set as default. Also, the list of the main featured synthesizers and players should be customizeable. That the user can make their own patterns for certain kinds of projects. Per example, they want Kontakt5, their favorite soundfont player, their drum machine and sampler of choice in the featured list, instead of the default. They just want to click them once or twice to send them into a new channel or into a desired channel. Or simply they want to have featured their favorite VSTs, that of course automatically open as a new channel in VeSTige when middle clicked, or they can choose to send them into the selected channel. This speeds up the work and is sooo much more comfortable.

Bug reports:
- Kontakt player doesn't load right. The gui loads, however when I click on other options to look for the libraries or switch keyboard on/off and such, whatever expands or reduces the gui dimensions, it messes up and the rest of the gui is cut off. It is very hard to load instruments and I have to be extracareful so the gui doesnt get cut off so I cant reach options. As it is not possible to work with non-native libraries longer than 15 minutes (they simply made the program that way, it goes into demo-mode if you work on an instrument that isn't theirs for 15 minutes and you then need to start another instance in a new channel to be able to continue). In Fruity loops I just open Kontakt player in another channel with one click, and copy-paste into new channel (if I have recorded a melody), and continue my work. In LMMS it gets aggravating because these shortcuts are lacking plus the gui is messing up. Maybe it is more customizeable than I think, I just missed something because I am not yet well familiar with the program. I might have missed some options, feel free to correct me. If needed, I will provide the screenshots to show what happens with Kontakt player gui.

- Another thing, if I drag any of the windows high enough the top gets covered by the upper menu area (idk if I explained it well), I cannot reach these windows upper edge to grab them to move them back. The windows need to be set to be always on top or something so this overlapping doesn't occur.

- I don't know why it happens, but just to report, upon installing LMMS I lost sound on my headphones and I did not yet manage to return it although I tried dozen of forum solutions. This happened the last time too and it took me alot of time to return the sound. I still have no sound on headphones (it is working on speakers). I suspect it would be jack and not directly LMMS, but mentioning just in case.

Finally, do not listen to the people who bitch about LMMS or are ungrateful for your hard work! It has a bright future, it is just impossible to catch up on every detail at once. I don't know programming nor I am that good with graphics to be able to help the development directly, but I am happy to help anyway I can so let me know.

Ttyl! ^-^