Hi. I'm totally new at this.

I downloaded and launched LMMS (lmms-0.4.13-win64) and then also (lmms-0.4.13-win32) because win 64 came up with a problem, but they both have the same problem, to wit:

Any instrument only gives out a raspy low low pitched cricket sound.

"To the right of the Instruments, before the knobs, we have a vertical bar. When clicked it will play the root-note of the instrument."  When I click on it, it gives a very low pitched sound 60-100 cycles per second? sounding something like a raspy voice attempting to trill an "R" as in a spanish Rapido, Rapido, Arr.  When trying out any instrument i.e. pieano, organs, flute; I get different variations of these low rasps. some with a lot of reverb, but none remotely resembling an instrument.  A flute sounds like  a cricket at C7 and a rasping dog at C4.

What am I not doing right?  Please help.