I've successfully installed both lmms 1.4.1 and 0.2.1 on SuSE 10.1 x86_64bit laptop (Compaq Presario V2000).

Once the splash screen appears for lmms, I get these funny messages saying the plugins are not found (i.e. tripleossillator plugin not found!). And than I look at the editor which appears and I can see "dummy" above the plugin I want to use.

When I try to switch the auto interface from "dummy" to "ALSA", I don't get any sound output from lmms. (wierd) When I click on any of the *.ogg files in the panel, I can hear something (sometimes sound/ sometimes just noise).

It sounds like this is actually two problems wrapped into one.
1) what setting(s) do i need to change i order to get the plugins to be recognized at the start of the program
2)what's the best sound configuration for lmms (I'm currently using ALSA for my system but SDL is installed)? ALSA,OSS or SDL?

*Sidebar (and my other dumb question :) ) How in the heck can i tell what device to point my audio interface to? lspci?

Thanks very much.. let me know if I need to clarify anything about this post.