M.A.V. - 2008-10-27

Hello people I'm very interested in a mesenger with web cam in linux
I find LMME and I think is a good idea
But I have some problems intalling version 1.0.
After unzip the file LMM-1.o.zip
A get a directory named src
Inside this directiry are this files: buddyModule.C      debuggingModule.h  Makefile.in       parsingModule.h
buddyModule.h      globalTypes.h      md5.c             protocolDefines.h
cacheModule.C      headerManager.h    md5.h             socketModule.C
cacheModule.h      interfaceModule.C  motd.h            socketModule.h
commandModule.C    interfaceModule.h  msnLayerModule.C  threadTemplate.C
commandModule.h    main.C             msnLayerModule.h  threadTemplate.h
debuggingModule.C  Makefile.am        parsingModule.C   transportDefines.h

But there is NOT configure file

How can I proced?
Thanks in advance