Please help

  • William Durnford

    I have just installed Linux open, and need really really basic help with installing lmme, i have had no experience with linux before, and i really want to learn more about this. Thank you very much and it would be much apriciated

    • Jesse Smith

      Jesse Smith - 2002-07-12

      To install LMME, download the lmme-.tar.gz file.
      Open a console window and make sure you are in the correct directory with the lmme.tar.gz file.

      Type the following:

      tar zxf lmme-0.64.tar.gz
      cd lmme-0.64
      sh configure

      That should do it. Once LMME starts up, type


      for a list of commands.

    • Juho Tykkala

      Juho Tykkala - 2005-04-09

      When I type /help it won't list anything... What is the problem ?

      (RedHat 9.0)


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