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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Open Discussion

    • TormentoR

      TormentoR - 2001-10-04

      This project is just great!

      Keep up the good work!

      • Danny Rodriguez

        Danny Rodriguez - 2001-10-10

        Thank you for the support. The next release will knock your socks off :)

        • TormentoR

          TormentoR - 2001-10-10

          I really hope so...

          Because the the current version is giving me some problems.
          It stalls sometimes and consumes 100% CPU load :-(

          Then, i'll have to kill it, als /quit won't work all the site.

          But I'm looking foreward to the next release!
          Checking updates to this project every day ;-)

          -- TormentoR

    • Anonymous - 2001-10-13

      The software as is works good.  create a GUI that has a text window that the program runs in, and a editable menu that sends text commands to ANY software run inside, and that GUI could be used on this, or any other console software....

      • Danny Rodriguez

        Danny Rodriguez - 2001-10-13

        The goal of this project is not to create an open source GUI system. It is to create an MSN protocol engine for Linux.

        The next release will have a better implementation of the current Ncurses CLI. Whether people use the GUI for their own software is at their own discretion. There is nothing fantastic about the interface code or concept, as it's been done before.

        Because of the modular nature of the package, I am fully aware that using a specific module in some other software would be done quite easily. This design was for my own benefit, not anyone else's. The next release will have an Interface Module that is not dependant on Ncurses what-so-ever, or any other major module for that matter. I imagine a lot of people will find a user out of this package, whether it be for an MSN messenger or not.


    • Anonymous - 2001-12-22

      Hi guys !

      Well this project is great !!! I really appreciate what you are doing, keep up the good work !

      I must admit I am a newbie in programmation :o) and I wouldn't certainly be able to make a GUI interface myself !!! So I agree with n3pla this would be great if someone makes a GUI interface !

      For the rest I got NO problems at all !

      Running Vitamine ( Mandrake 8.1 ) on a AMD K7 Thunderbird Socket A 1400Mhz, 512SDRAM, motherboard A7V133C with ADSL connection trough a Win2K wingate.


    • baer

      baer - 2001-12-24

      I just wanted to say: Great project and keep up the good work!

      It work's great for me, and I luv the console mode ;]


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