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lmbench-3.0-a8 released

LMbench version 3.0 alpha 8 was just released. It contains the latest bug fixes and patches, and should be considered release candidate 1 (RC1) for LMbench version 3.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2007-04-11

lmbench-3.0-a4 released

This is primarily a bug-fix release. Some buggy areas that were cleaned up include:
- 32bit vs. 64bit architecture issues
- automatic memory sizing and size detection
- per timing interval initialization/cleanup
- lat_mem_rd strided and random memory access patterns
- lat_mem_rd memory size now grows exponentially instead of linearly
- lat_ops / par_ops are now more accurate on more architectures
- stream used the wrong kernel in one instance
- automatic configuration of random number generators
- potential infinite loop in timing harness... read more

Posted by Carl Staelin 2004-08-10


This is the first alpha release of the developer branch, lmbench version 3.0. It includes a large number of new features, such as the ability to measure performance under scalable load, and new benchmarks such as tlb (# of TLB entries), line (cache line size), stream (lmbench version of John McCalpin's STREAM benchmark), lat_usleep, lat_ops (add/mul/div latency for int/uint64/float/double), par_mem (memory subsystem instruction-level parallelism), par_ops (instruction-level parallelism for many basic operations), and several others.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2002-10-28


lmbench version 2.0.3 is a patch release to the stable branch, version 2.0. This supercedes lmbench-2.0, lmbench-2.0-patch1, and lmbench-2.0-patch2.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2002-10-28

lmbench-2.0 patch1

I just released the first patch for lmbench-2.0,
which fixes a bug in the summary result report

Posted by Carl Staelin 2001-07-23

lmbench-2.0 release

lmbench-2.0 has finally been released. I ran out bugs to fix, so I decided to call version 2.0 done.

Work has been progressing on lmbench-3.0, and the first alpha releases should start hitting the net in the not-too-distant future... lmbench3.0 includes new benchmarks, such as par_mem which measures the available parallelism in the memory heirarchy, and new capabilities for measuring system scalability by running benchmark processes in parallel in a controlled fashion.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2001-07-09


lmbench-2beta1 has just been released. It contains several bugfixes and updated documentation. If you are running an alpha release, it is important to update to 2beta1.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2001-01-10


lmbench-2alpha12 has been released. This should be the last alpha release for version 2, and is the first patch release in nearly two years.

Posted by Carl Staelin 2000-11-13

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