#33 SIMPLE VU METER on JAMULUS GUI for each participant

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I would love to see a simple, small horizontal VU METER on the JAMULUS GUI, underneath the name of any and all JAMULUS participants. This would allow us to see the VU METER action, and determine who it is who is speaking or playing, which would be helpful when more than one person is logged into the server, especially if there are new people that are joining for the first time. Also, we can make a general evaluation of how much volume they are inputting and whether or not it is an appropriate amount.


  • Volker Fischer

    Volker Fischer - 2013-07-18

    Unfortunately this is not so easy since the audio signals of the other clients are not available at the client. Only the server has all the streams and mixes them together.
    Implementing a VU meter would require to calculate the current level in the server and send it the client in some protocol message. As a result the network load is higher, the VU meter would have some latency and the server CPU load is higher.

  • iCW

    iCW - 2013-07-18

    I understand, ...
    what about just a LED LIGHT that would signal when
    anyone is transmitting audio, above a certain threshold...
    The LED could be placed underneath the name of each participant,
    - it would not need low latency or take much cpu load perhaps...
    just to signal that the participant is either speaking or playing...


  • Volker Fischer

    Volker Fischer - 2015-03-13
    • Priority: 5 --> 3

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