Option to chooses from Line Input/Mic Input

  • Cornu Nicolas

    Cornu Nicolas - 2010-01-26


    It seem that llcon use the mic line from the sound card as input. It is not possible to speak using a micro.
    Is there a way to have both mic and instrument sound ?

    If not is it possible to implement it in the software ?

    Nicolas Cornu

  • Volker Fischer

    Volker Fischer - 2010-01-27

    Some sound cards have stereo microphone input. In this case it's easy, you simply use the left channel for your microphone and the right channel for your instrument. You have to make sure that your instrument level is low not to overload the microphone input of your sound card.

    As an alternative you could use the line in input. This is always stereo. But in this case you need a microphone peramplifier.

    As a third solution you could use an external analog mixerboard.

    In all cases you need some additional hardware: a splitter converting a stereo connector in two mono connectors (for the first two options) or a mixer board (which my be quite expensive).


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