Some comments to current release 0.9.1

  • Volker Fischer

    Volker Fischer - 2006-02-07

    Hi all,

    first, I want to thank you for your interest in my software.

    In the following I list some comments to the current release of the llcon software:

    - When you first start the client software, the fader for the network buffer is set to 2. This is a little bug, since this value will never give you green lights. The minimum setting is 3 but I recommend to use a setting of 5 for getting good results. When you set the value to 5 and you restart the application, the value was stored in an ini-file an is recovered on the next start.

    - There is a label in the measurement section saying "sample rate". In earlier versions I implmeneted some test code to estimate the sample rate difference between client and server. This estimation does not work correctly and therefore I decided to disable the label (by always showing a line) for the release version.

    I successfully tested the client software yesterday on my laptop, having a crystal audio sound card . If you have successfully run the software with other sound cards, please post your results in this forum.

    I hope you enjoy the software.

    Best Regards,

    • Volker Fischer

      Volker Fischer - 2009-05-03

      Runs fine with Soundblaster Audigy4 with kx audio driver (using an audio buffer size of 128 samples).


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