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LlamaChat v0.8 Released

Announcing the release of v0.8 of LlamaChat. This release is considerably better packaged than previous releases and should be considerd stable.

Posted by Joseph Monti 2003-01-10

Version 0.7 Released

Announcing the release of v0.7 of LlamaChat. This release marks the emergance from Beta. It's more between Beta and Stable, but a very important release none the less.

Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-12-24

Looking for Bugs

Its getting to the point where bug searching is going to be driving the development. So I am calling out to anyone who is using LlamaChat or would like to use LlamaChat to help me identify bugs. Sourceforge has a great bug tracking system, so if you find anything please submit them there.

Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-12-19

Join us for testing, free beer!

I'm holding a testing session this weekend and you are all invited!

Help us test LlamaChat by stopping by and trying out some of the cool new features I've been adding to LlamaChat.

Time: Sat, Nov 2 1:00pm - 4:00pm EST (US, GMT -4)
Place: http://www.tgpr.org/LlamaChat/

Join us!

(beer subject to availability)

Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-10-18

updated release - 0.5-beta

I made several relatively minor changes that prompted a new release.

You can download the new release from our files page, http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=64441


Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-10-16

Initial Beta release

I released a working and relativly stable version of the code. This is my first attempt at a release, so bear with me.

For a Live demo (of the work in progress) visit http://www.tgpr.org/LlamaChat/

Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-10-10

Project Opened

I had been working on this project for a few weeks and decided to open source it.

Posted by Joseph Monti 2002-10-10