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Special version of LKCD for large systems

There is a limitation with the 6.X.X series of LKCD that prevents dumping on large machines. The definition of "large" varies from architecture to architecture. The 6.1.0 has a test that will prevent the kernel from compiling if you are on a large machine. You will seen a error similar to:

drivers/dump/dump_fmt.c: In function `compile_time_assertions':
drivers/dump/dump_fmt.c:102: error: duplicate case value
drivers/dump/dump_fmt.c:102: error: previously used here
make[2]: *** [drivers/dump/dump_fmt.o] Error 1... read more

Posted by Troy Heber 2004-12-17

LKCD 6.1.0 released

LKCD 6.1.0 minor release. This is a very minor release that adds 2.6.9 support
and adds preliminary support to dump from a interrupt context.

The LKCD 6.1.0 changes:

* 2.6.9 support
* remove NMI cruft from IA-64 files
* initial support to dump from interrupt context
* dump_fmt change to reduce stack usage on large systems

Posted by Troy Heber 2004-12-17

Major LKCD updates, version 6.0.0 released!!

Major update for the LKCD project. Version 6.0.0 just posted.

This includes a major reorg of the CVS archive.

Inital LKCD 6.0.0 release:

lkcd-6.0.0_2.6.8.1.patch.gz: patch aginst kernel. (Does not work with 2.6.9, that patch is comming).

lkcdutils-6.0.0.tar.gz: lkcdutils including lcrash. Major upgrade and improvements. More Kernel patches & RPMS's will follow soon.

Posted by Troy Heber 2004-10-22