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Contribute to the LIZ DB project!

LIZ DB is a non-commercial open-source project, developed under the PHP License that can be used and modified freely by everyone.

LIZ DB currently provides implementation of its interfaces only for MySQL5 database.

I encourage every developer that finds LIZ DB database connectivity approach attractive to write implementations for other vendors like PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, and other.

I'm looking forward to hear from You!
best regards
Łukasz Budnik

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2007-09-14

LIZ DB blog starts!

From now on, LIZ DB has its very own blog.

There, various information, mainly about LIZ DB usage, will be posted.

All comments from users and developers are most welcome!

Log on to the and enjoy the blog!

best regards
Łukasz Budnik

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2007-09-14

LIZ DB 2.0 Released!

LIZ DB 2.0 includes many new features:

- added DBSingletonFactory class for more efficient LIZ DB
objects and connections management

- added new definition to IDB interface IDB::SelectRandom()
added implementation of IDB::SelectRandom() to MySQLimp

- all vendor specific implementations of LIZ DB interfaces
now stored in LIZDB/classes/vendor_name directory

- new example of usage and features of DBSingletonFactory,
new example of how to instantiate vendor specific
LIZ DB object the old way... read more

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-11-26

LIZ DB 1.2 patch!

fixed bug submitted by Brad Larson, line 139 should use $this->InOutParameters instead of $this->OutParameters

bug is in file

Patch can be downloaded here:

the newest version of can be downloaded here:\*checkout*/lizdb/lizdb/LIZDB/classes/ read more

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-11-22

LIZ DB live examples!

Want to try LIZ DB before downloading?
See the live examples on:

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-11-11

LIZ DB 1.2 released!

New version introduces useful SQLUtils class.
This class can dynamically create DML statements
- INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE - based on user's data.
It also has methods for escaping strings and binary data.

See new examples showing how to use them, new tables
can be created by runing sql/create.sql script.

The new release introduces also LIZDBException (instead of standard PHP5 Exception class) for signaling and handling SQL errors or other problems.
All examples rewritten, added try {} catch {} blocks.

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-10-20

LIZ DB 1.1 released!

New version contains a major fix for fatal error
when calling require for IStoredProcedure interface definition!

The new release includes the following changes:

+ files encoding changed to UTF-8
+ implemented AutoCommit mechanism
+ new examples and comments added
+ complete set of SQL scripts for: creating user with proper privileges,
creating tables and stored procedures and functions plus
clean.sql for cleaning all LIZ DB related stuff
+ resolved number of tweak and code optimization issues

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-10-14

LIZ DB 1.0 released!

LIZ DB 1.0 supports:

- fetching data in various ways (Select, SelectOne, SelectColumn)

- full support for DDL, DML

- prepare and execute statements (Java like style setParameter(1, $param) etc.)

- manage sophisticated transactions - commits, rollbacks, savepoints

- prepare and call stored procedures and functions with in, inout, out parameters support

- query logging

Posted by Łukasz Budnik 2006-09-20