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Christian Ferrari

Welcome to LIXA site

LIXA (LIbre XA) is an open source and free Transaction Manager implementing the distributed transaction processing "XA specification" and "TX (transaction demarcation) specification" according to the X/Open CAE Specification. LIXA is a Transaction Manager but it's not a Transaction Monitor: this is the distinguishing feature of the project.

LIXA technology enables every application container, like a web server or a shell, to become an XA compliant application server. The client/server architecture of LIXA allows many application containers to share a single LIXA (state) server: this is ideal when horizontal scalability is a must and many identical application containers must refer to a single transactional environment. Performance, scalability and high availability are key features of the project.


Available documentation


Your feedback is precious: don't esitate to post your ideas using the LIXA mailing list.


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