Windows 7

  • Justin Geri

    Justin Geri - 2009-12-02

    Trying to virtualize a Windows 7 64bit Home Edition using Liveview 0.7b and VM Ware Workstation 7. Live View seems to get stuck at "Software Hive Loaded".  Has anyone had success virtualizing a Windows 7 image?


  • Novica Djurdjevic

    Don't let LiveView to Autodetect guest OS, I had a case with Windows 7 and choose Windows Vista in "Operating system (on image)" option = worked like a charm. Well, it was Windows 7 Ultimate but I can't see a reason not to work with Home edition.


  • tvidas

    tvidas - 2010-04-09

    Indeed, the current version 7b, was released prior to win7 and does not detect win7 (and does not insert the correct win7 value into the VMX file).  The process the njokica recommends largely works.  Namely explicitly select "vista" in liveview and create the VMX.  I would also recommend that you chose to only create the VM files (and not boot using liveview).  Then open the virtual machine in vmware and edit the options by selected windows 7.  Depending on your version of vmware, this may also have side effects such as upgrading your virtual hardware.

    FYI version 8 (currently still beta testing) supports windows 7.

  • tvidas

    tvidas - 2010-04-09

    also note that as of this moment, VMWare server 1.x.x does NOT support windows 7 explicitly, so that may be an issue for some users as well.


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