• kozimodo

    kozimodo - 2006-09-07

    Any plans to support linux at some point?

    Thanks for a great tool!

    • Brian Kaplan

      Brian Kaplan - 2006-09-07

      Porting it to Linux would be a significant undertaking but given significant demand and resources to do so, we would certainly consider it.

      Glad to hear you like it.


      • Ulli

        Ulli - 2006-09-16

        have you considered to use Slax (Linux-LiveCD) with VMplayer?
        You can query for the disk-information with HDPARM easily.

    • Brian Kaplan

      Brian Kaplan - 2006-09-16

      I don't think VMware player comes with vmrun or equivalent functionality for creating snapshots so I think we would be stuck with VMware server which is currently not redistributable.

      Querying disk information is not a limiting factor for making a linux livecd, but thanks for the suggestion.


    • Echo Six

      Echo Six - 2006-10-15

      Brian,  please consider support for Linux,  it is indeed a great tool :-)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A very fine and useful tool indeed.

      Linux port of the tool - one capable of doing the same math with disk images to find the geometry would also be great though. This way one could make the image together with vmware config files and even run them in the same environment.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Here, an example where the tool was used successfully to take a case to court - see:
      Hope that the tool will be available in Linux (Kubuntu) soon

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Most of my forensics tools (whether examining win or *nix) are linux based open source tools. It would be more convienient to have this as a native tool.

      Wayne Dawson

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i would also like to see a linux version. thx :)

    • J Ish

      J Ish - 2009-03-10

      I hate to beat a dead horse... but since the last "yeah I'd like a linux version too" post is dated about 18 months ago is it safe to assume that a Linux Version is NOT gonna happen?

      I think the tool is very cool, with lots of possible use (just from reading about it) but I don't run windows unless I have too...

      A Linux port of this tool would make it a lot more appealing to a wider audience...  and  increase its potential adoption.

    • tvidas

      tvidas - 2009-03-11

      similarly, i hate to simply repeat previous statements, but it IS "in the works"  :-)

      seriously though, there are a handful of "large" issues that need to be sorted out when porting to linux.  Substantial progress has been made on a couple of them i the past couple months, but there is still no real timeline for a *nix release. 

      If i had to prioritize LiveView tasks i would say this is in the "top three" of planning future capabilities.  But as many of you are well aware, supporting a free product like LiveView isn't always a top priority (there is "real work" to be done too ;-)

      Thank you for posting though.  It is beneficial to hear what people want.


  • Morgg

    Morgg - 2009-09-23

    I am looking forward to a Linux version of LiveView too.

    Any progress to report in the last 6 months?


  • tvidas

    tvidas - 2009-09-23

    yup, lots of progress.  :-)  there are some interesting hurdles that need(ed) to be addressed.  Thanks for the re-re-request though, it's one gauge of determining feature desire.

  • forsncar

    forsncar - 2009-12-16

    Trying to load the linux version on Ubuntu. No luck. Anybody else have any success. If so can you post instructions.

  • Matthew Geiger

    Matthew Geiger - 2009-12-16

    Hi forsncar, there is no Linux version of Live View yet.  There is support for creating VMs from Linux disk images.

  • Peter Troxell

    Peter Troxell - 2011-10-21

    Any progress on a Linux version of LiveView or is this dead?


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