Network Access

  • RicoB

    RicoB - 2007-01-23

    I read in the FAQ that the network is purposely disabled.  Can it be enabled?  I would like to utilize domain admin credentials to log onto VM's from images of computers in our domain.

    Thank you
    Rick Berg

    • Brian Kaplan

      Brian Kaplan - 2007-01-23

      Yes it can be added to the VM via the standard VMware 'add hardware' dialog. VM -> Settings -> Add -> Ethernet.


  • David Vessey

    David Vessey - 2010-02-22


    I'm working with live view 0.6 and Windows XP (SP3, I believe) VM on a stand alone network. I've tried adding a network interface as described above except when I boot again the VM just blue screens and dies. Any ideas?

  • Rick Lin

    Rick Lin - 2013-12-03

    If you encounter blue screen,take a note of its event info and seek for solutions. Maybe it is about vm configuration,no big deal.Wish you success.
    I use LiveView 0.7b and 0.8RC1 for a long time,and it works fine.


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