Great tool !!

  • Walkabout_fr

    Walkabout_fr - 2006-08-28


    I just discovered Live View this week end and I was amazed. This is a great concept. If this really works as promised, it will probably greatly help us in our daily work.

    I tried on one image, and it didn't boot, but I'll keep trying and keep you posted.

    Thanks again for this !

    • Brian Kaplan

      Brian Kaplan - 2006-08-28

      Thanks, glad to hear you like it.

      Feel free to post (or email directly) details relating to any issues you encounter. This will hopefully help us fix the problem and make Live View a better tool.

      Things that are useful for problem diagnosis:
      -output messages from Live View GUI
      -the <imagename>.vmx and <imagename>.vmdk files
      -master boot record of disk (first 512 bytes is fine)
      -input parameters chosen in Live View GUI


    • chupacabra

      chupacabra - 2006-09-04

      Very interesting tool.
      I tried on an split dd image of windows 2000 professional and works very well.

      It's possibile in future support afflib split files?

      Good work.

      • Brian Kaplan

        Brian Kaplan - 2006-09-05


           Thanks for the feedback. Regarding support for AFF split files, we would consider it if there was sufficient demand but we currently have no plan to support that particular format.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Heard you on cyberspeak.  Started using this great tool. 
          Thank You

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can you elaborate ... what is cyberspeak? Thanks.

      -- Clint

      . Information Security Consultant
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      . member: ' or 1=1--

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Awesome...just awesome.. I have been a VM administrator sine 2003, winning national industry awards and have spoken a VM World. I have used about every migration tool available, P2V, etc, and nothing beats this for forensics. Can I send you a Christmas card or sonething?

      • Brian Kaplan

        Brian Kaplan - 2007-03-17

        Glad to hear you like it. No, a card isnt necessary, but feel free to make suggestions, report bugs, and tell your friends!


  • Rick Lin

    Rick Lin - 2013-12-03

    LiveView helps me a lot in computer forensics. I use 0.7b and 0.8Rc1 for a very long time,and it works fine. Great liveboot tool I've ever seen~


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