LiVES version 1.0.0 released

After over 6 years of development, the 1.0.0 version of LiVES, , a free software video editing and VJ system for Linux/BSD was released this week.

Features include:

Loading and editing of almost any video format, with instant opening of dv and ogg/theora video; playback at variable frame rates, forward and in reverse; frame and sample accurate cutting and pasting; streaming input and output; encoding to over 50 different formats; dozens of realtime and rendered effects, generators and transitions; a multitrack window with limitless number of audio and video tracks and much more.

LiVES was nominated for Best Project for Multimedia in this year's Sourceforge Community Choice Awards.

There is a nice review of LiVES here:

The project is now seeking more developers to help it advance even further.

Posted by Salsaman 2009-07-24

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