#8 Use GStreamer for media backend


LiVES is a great project, but it has legal issues because of its use of ffmpeg as its media backend.

I propose that LiVES switches to GStreamer for its media backend.

GStreamer is fully modular and can support adding codecs on the fly similar to DirectShow. GStreamer also has support for ffmpeg through the gst-ffmpeg module. Fluendo, the company that employs many GStreamer devs, provides legal codecs that allow any GStreamer enabled application to use for decoding.

Switching to GStreamer would also allow distros like Fedora, who have strict Free Software and legal guidelines, to include LiVES in their official package repositories.

Please consider switching to GStreamer backend in LiVES!


  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2007-12-15

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    I will take a look at this, but it will have to wait until I upgrade my laptop - I am currently using Mandriva 2007.1 which only has support for gstreamer 0.8, not gstreamer 0.10.

  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2008-02-19

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    OK, I have had some success compiling gstreamer from source, so I hope to take a look into this soon.

    AFAIK, there are no legal issues with a vanilla ffmpeg install. However I am considering looking into gstreamer for another reason, to allow instant access of frames within video files without having to import the whole file. In order to achieve this, it would be necessary for gstreamer to be able to seek to and decode any given random frame within around .05 seconds or less.

  • Conan Kudo (ニール)

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    Originator: YES

    Unfortunately, in the United States and a few European countries, it is actually illegal to package and ship ffmpeg without acquiring the patent licenses for the various codecs that ffmpeg provides in order to distribute commercially, which would be very expensive. GStreamer does not actually have that problem because GStreamer itself is not vulnerable to patent issues, but there are codecs available to GStreamer that are considered legal in these particular countries to distribute commercially, as well as fully open source ones that do not have such licenses which can be used for personal use. It is for that reason that most distros have separate repositories for codecs from the rest of the packages.


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