Encoding Selection Problem

  • Dan De Guire

    Dan De Guire - 2008-03-07

    I'm using LiVES on Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon).
    I've got an mpeg2 video clip from an old home movie - about 30 minutes worth.
    I tried using LiVES to break it up in to shorter clips. By selecting the frames I wanted and then using "File; Save Selection As.." to save the clip. I used multi-encoder and selected dvd-output for the video format and mp2 for the audio codec. The first clip worked great, but starting with the second clip, the saved .mpg clip had the right video, but the audio was from the beginning of the overall clip. How can I get the right audio to save with the video?

    Thanks for your help!

    Dan De Guire

    • Peter Kerr

      Peter Kerr - 2009-01-11

      I guess Dan has either found his own solution or given up after more than 10 months.

      Anyway, a work around would be to load part of the clip each time using

      File/Open File Selection...

      where you can specify a start time and a number of frames to load.

      Then each part could be saved separately.

      Another thing that might be relevant is the state of the Edit/Decouple Audio from Video flag which seems to be set to ON by default.

    • Salsaman

      Salsaman - 2009-03-12

      Oops I missed this one. It should really have been reported as a bug.

      I will check if it is still an issue and if so fix it.

      • Salsaman

        Salsaman - 2009-03-29

        This is now fixed and working again in version

        Enjoy !



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