Robert - 2010-08-29

I have some videos I took while diving at 10-25m depth. As you may know, at
that depth most colours are absorbed by the water and everything looks bluish-
green. The colours can, however, be corrected. For photos I use Gimp and do
Colours -> Levels -> Auto (or Colours -> Auto -> White Balance), or manually
select black, white, grey spots in the photo for better results, and many
photos can be improved to something quite usable. What options exist for doing
something like this with video in LiVES? I have played around with the Frei0r
White Balance tool but don't know what settings to choose for Neutral Color
and Green Tint. What other tools could be used for this? Any advice anyone?
Documentation seems to be scarce and unfortunately complex software lives or
dies with the quality of its documentation.