Lives: How to do "slow motion"

  • Michael

    Michael - 2010-07-27

    Hi everybody,

    Is there any possibility to generate slow motion from video clips? Like
    removing every 2nd image or similar would help.



  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2010-07-27

    Hi Michael,

    actually removing every second frame would have the effect of producing fast
    motion ! But anyway speeding up and slowing down are very easy to do with
    LiVES. Suppose you have a clip that plays at 25 fps and you want to make it
    pĺay at half speed. Make sure you are in Clip Edit mode and not Multitrack
    mode. Then simply go to Tools -> Change playback speed, and enter a new
    framerate of 12.5 fps. Voila !

    You can also keep the clip at 25 fps and timestretch it. For example, you
    could do: Tools->Resample to new framerate, and enter 50 fps. This would
    duplicate evry frame but double the playback rate. Then follow this with
    Tools->Change playback speed, and enter the original value of 25.

    When changing the speed you also have the option of changing the audio rate as

    For a more advanced timestretch (e.g. if you want it to slow down more towards
    the end)

    • select the frames which want to apply the change to
    • before playback press "r" (for record)
    • press "y" (play selection)
    • during playback use ctrl-up-arrow and ctrl-down-arrow to adjust the framerate in real time
    • after playback (either when the selection ends or when you press "q" stop), you will be told that frames were recorded
    • you can preview what was recorded, and if you are happy with it, select Render to Same Clip. Otherwise you can cancel and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result

    Hope this helps !



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