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Surround Sound in LiVES

  • Axel

    Axel - 2011-03-21

    Hi! I just enabled surround sound 7.1 in Ubuntu 10.10 so I could produce
    surround sound video in LiVES. I went to the preferences menu and tried to
    change the sound channels from 2 to 8, but my only options were either 1 or 2
    channels. How could I get 8 sound channels LiVES? Is that even possible? Do I
    need Jack Audio instead of Pulse Audio?

    Plz help!

  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2011-03-21

    Do you mean 8 channels in the soundcard ? Normally these are somewhat
    reproduced, so for example you have 2 channels for speakers and 2 channels for
    headphones. You can enable this kind of reproduction using jack audio.

    A separate issue would be to support 5.1 (front/rear and center) audio in
    LiVES for home theatre, which would mean adding an extra 3 audio tracks to
    each video track. Support for this is not currently planned, but feel free to
    open a feature request for it. Although you should note that most (maybe all)
    video encoders only support stereo audio, so likely you would not be able to
    encode your results.


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