Use live stream from camera

Jenni Jolt
  • Jenni Jolt

    Jenni Jolt - 2010-10-20


    I'm really new to LiVES, so I hope my question isn't too stupid :)

    I want Lives to show a live a stream which comes from a camera. And then i
    want to modify the video (size, blur). But I want it to do it in realtime.

    The manual is no help for me and I didn't find any info in this forum :( But I
    know that Lives is able to show (in realtime) what a camera is filming.

    So, if anyone has an idea - pleas let me know :)



  • Salsaman

    Salsaman - 2010-10-21

    Hi Jenny,

    in order to use an external camera in LiVES, you need to either compile it
    with mjpegtools support, or find a package that has it compiled in for you.
    For example, the packages from for ubuntu or FRPMFusion for Fedora.

    Once you have that, you can just open your camera from the Files menu (add
    live camera input) and then play it like any other clip. You can then either
    record the camera stream and/or apply real time effects to it (both of these
    are explained in the manual).




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